Folklore palette – Д2

It is a great pride for me to welcome the guests from the town of Kirklareli in our town of Karnobat, a wonderful town, with talented people.
Within the next three days, Activity 2 “Folklore Palette” will be implemented under the project “From the past to the present with the Power of Folklore” under the Cross-border Cooperation Program INTERREG – IPA TSG Bulgaria-Turkey 2014-2020, with reference number CCI 2014TS16I5CB005. The project partner is the Association for Culture, Arts and Sports, Kirklareli Municipality, from the town of Kirklareli, Turkey.

So far, we have successfully implemented the activities and take into account the significance of what has been achieved. Thanks to the project, both partners bought folk costumes for their folk groups from the city. We bought 20 Thracian and 20 Shoppe costumes. Along with accessories to them – scraps, churches, buckles. Our Ensemble “Karnota” deserves this at the peak of its anniversary. I believe that within these three days, the participants will find their new friends, will discover new niches for development. We will outline the importance of working together for the development of the two cross-border regions in the field of culture and tourism.

I would like to invite on the stage – Mr. Georgi Dimitrov, Mayor of Karnobat Municipality, Mr. Mehmet Siyam Kesimoğlu, Mayor of Kirklareli Municipality, Mr. Serdar Tospat, Chairman of the Association, project partner.

Today, dear fellow citizens, we will have the pleasure to attend three interesting lectures – by Ms. Julieta Kostadinova, Museum Curator, on “History and Folklore in Karnobat and the Karnobat Region”
Mrs. Stefka Bineva – choreographer and leader of the Dance Ensemble “Karnota”, Karnobat, will present “Similarities and similarities in the diverse diversity and common folklore roots of the Balkans”, and on stage we will see the dancers from the ensemble “Karnota” with demonstrations.
Mr. Aydın Elbasan – choreographer of the Ensemble from the town of Kirklareli, again with a demonstration of two typical people from their region.The meeting will end with a concert of our guests. They will delight us with their performances. We will enjoy a lot of emotions and variety.
Dear participants, I tirelessly wish you to create and preserve the greatest wealth of our culture – our folklore. I wish you health, spiritual strength and perseverance to overcome together the difficulties and challenges of the new time, to preserve our history.