Participants in the project are:



The partner is the  Association Art and Sports Club Association ,Kırklareli Municipality 

Project goals

Creating a new and sustainable environment for protection, maintenance and useful use of general and specific cultural activities. Our project is crucial for the future of smart territorial development of the cross-border region. It will establish cooperation for joint activities between the target group in the field of cultural heritage and the revival of folk traditions. The implementation of the project will contribute to the improvement of the access to historical and natural landmarks, as well as to the improvement of the border area with emphasis on the importance of the protection of the cultural heritage.

                                           Project activities:

We want to present the folk, historical and cultural traditions and ethnic diversity in order to provoke the young generation to continue preserving folk art. We will help folklore groups by purchasing new folk costumes and musical instruments. This is an expression of a wealth of spiritual, artistic and creative talents and a constant pursuit of beauty and grace. The culmination is the concerts of folk ensembles. Seminars on “Folklore – past and present”. Visits of the target group for demonstration tours. The aim is to show the real situation of the tourist infrastructure and the opportunities for development in these two regions.                                                            


In addition to the project, it will be implemented to improve access to historical and natural landmarks, as well as to increase the tourist attractiveness of the cross-border region, while improving the possibility of preservation in the cultural heritage. Maintaining the identity and uniqueness of traditional national cultures in Bulgaria and Turkey. of the creative potential of the target group. Creating a sense of pride in belonging to a particular ethnic state.

Creating lasting friendships between all participants. Introduction of all beauties and attractions in both regions. Creating opportunities for full intergenerational search and stimulating consideration and dialogue. Preservation and evaluation of the cultural heritage of the two peoples for inclusion, preservation of authenticity and promotion.

                                                          Target groups

Participants in folklore groups. The population of the two regions Karnobat and Kirklareli. Local individuals, travel agencies, tourist persons. Representatives of the tourist business; Tourists and visitors who visit the areas. organizations of people with disabilities, environmental organizations and other NGOs working in the field of tourism in the target area;