Initial and final conference – A1




Dear guests, you are attending the final conference of our project.

European Territorial Cooperation (Interreg program) plays an important role in eliminating border difficulties and promoting cross-border cooperation. Although with a relatively small budget, Interreg projects achieve very concrete results for citizens – in the field of cross-border security, transport, education, culture, ecology. A successful symbiosis at the supranational level was achieved between the partners and participants in our project, as 2 round tables, 2 seminars, 4 concerts, 2 tourist tours, as well as numerous working talks were held. Our project focuses on preserving the authentic culture and traditions in the cross-border area of ​​Karnobat and Kirklareli. We presented the folk, historical and cultural traditions and ethnic diversity in order to provoke the young generation to continue to preserve folk art.

We achieved the main goal of the project – popularization of the authentic culture in the cross-border region and creation of a new tourist product through the use of cultural heritage. The activities are implemented in both countries. The project clearly outlines the benefits and impact of cross-border cooperation. All activities are carried out in the Kirklareli and Karnobat regions and contribute to economic, territorial and social cohesion. We have achieved tangible results, as the project is not limited to cities, but throughout the program area. This will have a direct impact not only on the target group, but also on all residents of the region.

One of our main activities – Folklore palette.

Activity aimed at developing the cultural identity of the participants. Mutual understanding of cultural diversity through joint organization of concerts of folk ensembles from the two cities. Encouraging and preserving the traditions, the richness of folk dances. This led to the formation of a sense of pride in belonging to a particular ethnic nation of the target group. Lasting friendly relations were established between all participants.

Both partners bought 40 traditional folk costumes. They reflect the specific, traditional culture and way of life of the given people. Not only patterns are woven into the clothes, but ancient motifs passed down from generation to generation. In our region of Thrace, where we are both partners, folk costumes have many similarities because we have been in constant contact.

We also bought folk instruments – specific to each partner. During the performance of Activity 2, there was interest from the musicians and they were exchanged as a gift for the Turkish musicians – bagpipes, and for the Bulgarian ones – zurna. This activity has contributed to preserving the identity and uniqueness of the traditional national costumes of Bulgaria and Turkey. Symbol of beauty and warmth.

Activity 4 – Promotion of tourism by presenting the cultural and natural heritage

2 demonstration tours with routes determined by the project team were organized and conducted. One in the Burgas region, the other in the Kirklareli district. The aim was to show the real state of the tourist infrastructure and the opportunities for development in these two areas. Both regions have great potential for natural, cultural and historical heritage. This is a connecting factor between the two countries, which can contribute to the future development of the cross-border area.

The participants got acquainted and convinced with all the beauties and attractions of the two regions. We will have the opportunity to recreate our wonderful impressions of our friends. We are convinced that each type of tourism has its advantages.

Another activity is – special website for the project has been created, where all materials related to it can be found. Our internet identity. Every day many people surf the Internet and that is why it is becoming a major source of information today. For this reason, the image online is a major factor in the decisions that consumers make.

We achieve increased awareness and users will be able to get acquainted with the latest news and activities on the project.

Throughout the project and the implementation of all activities, measures related to the EU rules on communication and visualization and the Guidelines for the implementation of information measures and publicity by the beneficiaries are included. The information and publicity measures aim to raise public awareness of the project and to demonstrate its role and importance for municipalities. The team carried out an extensive information and public campaign.

I want to thank the project team, their professionalism in the work. To the participants in our activities. And especially to the Mayors of the two Municipalities – for their support all the time.

Until new meetings and joint initiatives, dear friends.