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                                                                 EID   BG-2018-BCJ-0609292077

We are a non-profit association. We are in the town of Karnobat, Bulgaria. We have a mission to promote the professional realization of employed and unemployed people in the country by conducting training to increase their skills and knowledge, to participate in the process of improving the quality of the workforce in accordance with current and future market needs.Its mission is to stimulate and sustain young people’s active, civic and responsible participation to the educational, social, cultural and economic environment of the communities they live in. Association concentrates its efforts on activities with clear objectives, such as the development, support and reinforcement of the counseling, informing and forming processes of the target generation, in a European context. These objectives will be met by means of creating the favorable environment in the communities of these young people for the enhancement of their personal and professional performance. Furthermore, their needs will constantly be identified and fulfilled through a large array of sustainable activities. For its well-functioning, this association relies on the principles of responsible volunteering, self-motivation and self-determination, active civic participation, taking initiative, involvement and cooperation, adaptability, continuity, competence, competitiveness, friendship, mutual respect and support, democracy, transparency, equity, legality, durability, social dialogue, tolerance, versatility and non-discrimination. We have a training center with a license for a large number of professions. The Center organizes and conducts training for professional qualification, qualification enhancement, key competences, as well as courses for improving computer and foreign language training.We issue diplomas that are valid in the EU. We have experience in many training projects under the Operational Program Human Resources Development. We have qualified and trained staff and a team of professionals for implementing the projects European funding. Our strategic goal is to improve the quality of life of people in Bulgaria by improving human capital, achieving high levels of employment, increasing productivity, access to quality education and lifelong learning, and enhancing social inclusion. investing in people, acquiring new knowledge and skills; to promote the practice of lifelong learning for the purpose of professional realization throughout the active life; to ensure everyone’s full participation in society and the right to decent work; to achieve a higher quality of the workforce; social protection to become more sustainable and ‘active’; to ensure equality of opportunity, to encourage the development of the social economy sector. The association has extensive experience in the fields of consultancy, international cooperation and international projects.The organization has build enormous knowledge from numerous projects that it has successfully conducted. Our primary goal is to enable young people to acquire skills and knowledge to enter the labor market by training and improving their skills. Combat unemployment by strengthening entrepreneurial skills. Accomplished projects:

-“Management of a small construction company”

-“Beautiful Sofia”-UNDP

– Training program for heads of REO “

-British Know-How Fund;

– Training program for unemployed;

-“Beautiful Sofia”-UNDP

-PHARE program for Bulgaria / SMAEP-PHARE,EU,Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

-Employment Project in the areas of mining and steel industry

-BG-9915.01 – Participation of association with the project “Educational Counseling Center on Employment and entrepreneurship “.

-ALMS Program – Phase 1 and Phase 2.

-Conducted vocational training for the unemployed under OP “OP”-“Development” and “HRD”

– Project measure BG051PO001-4.1.05 “Educational Integration of Children and students from ethnic minorities” under the Operational Human Resources Development Program. From 15.01.2019 we are implementing a twinning project with a regional government in Turkey.

We work on EU programs for democracy, civil rights and freedoms, culture with different countries.We have qualified and trained staff and a team of professionals for implementing the projects European funding. The organization has built enormous knowledge from numerous projects that it has successfully conducted

contact with us nasurchavane@abv.bg